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    Every Friday

    We're open Friday afternoons from 12-6pm
    and every First Friday from 6-9pm

    Eat Me • 1115 East Main St. Suite 148, Door #1


    Brighton Farmers Market
    Brighton HS parking lot, 1150 Winton Road S
    9am-1pm • May 26 - October 16

    Special Events

    We’re available and...


    Abundance • 62 Marshall St.
    Lori's Natural Foods • ​900 Jefferson Rd.
    Butcher Block Market • ​2294 Monroe Ave
    Furoshiki • 682 Park Ave.
    Cure Bar • 50 Rochester Public Market
    Red Fern • ​283 Oxford St.
    The Playhouse//Swillburger • ​820 S Clinton
    Hart’s Grocers • 10 Winthrop St.
    Honeoye Falls Marketplace • ​166 W Main St.
    Rail Side Market & Cafe • 7249 NY-96​
    East Aurora Coop Market • ​591 Main St.


    We’ll Come To You

    & Cows

    Vegans rejoice - we’ve got you covered! Every week we make two separate batches; one with cow’s milk and one with coconut milk. Eat up.

    Eat Me is an American duo dedicated to impulse and wild pairings of food, culture and art. Amber Odhner, pastry artist and yogi, and Catelyn Augustine, masseur and spirit whisperer, emerged onto Kodak’s scene after a geographic separation of many years. Magnetizing like sun and moon, yin and yang, whipped cream and maraschino cherry, they find ice cream the perfect medium for creative output. Eat Me is for all of Rochester to savor, lick, and cry to.

    To this day the mysterious comrades/ friends/lovers/enemies blast further into spacetime; popping bubbles, setting cakes, candying lemon peels, designing food and mastering the art of ice cream and life, searching to satisfy the ultimate drip of their powers...